Safe Riders Snowmobiling Safety Awarenes Program

The Essentials of Snowmobiling Safety

Be propared for your snowmobile ride

Be Prepared for Your Ride

Learn the importance of proper riding apparel starting with under layers, eye protection, and headgear along with boots and outer layers; gear to pack including personal items, safety equipment, tools, and emergency kits; good trip planning practices; towing a trailer; common laws; and a pre-ride checklist. A section quiz is provided.
Key Snowmobile Parts

Key Snowmobile Parts

Learn about various parts on your snowmobile including key controls and the importance of proper fluids. Note that this section is not a substitute for reading your snowmobile's owner's manual to understand the exact details about your snowmobile model. A section quiz is provided.
Riding Tips for Snowmobilers

Riding Tips

This section covers a wide range of safe riding tips including: starting your machine; riding positions and hand signals; common trail signs; riding in groups, with passengers, alone, and in varying snow conditions; getting unstuck; night riding; towing; and rider responsibilities. A section quiz is provided.
Surviving Snowmobiling Emergencies

Surviving Emergencies

Since snowmobiling often occurs in remote locations, it is important to learn what to do if you become stranded, how to keep warm in changing terrain and weather conditions, and basic tips and principles for how to care for injuries that may occur on the trail or in the backcountry. A section quiz is provided.
Dangers to Avoid when Snowmobiling

Dangers to Avoid

It is important that riders consider potential dangers like alcohol and impaired operation, speed and careless operation, roads and railroads, ice, and avalanches — all which can be present when snowmobiling. This section provides tips on how to avoid these dangers along with a quiz.

Test your Snowmobiling KnowledgeTest Your Snowmobiling Knowledge

Use the five section quizzes to test your knowledge about safe snowmobiling practices. If you're an experienced snowmobiler you may try a quiz first to see how much you think you know — and then take the quiz again after you've reviewed a section's materials to see how much you've learned. If you're new to snowmobiling, work through each section first before taking the quiz to enhance your learning experience. Click on one of the section titles below to start your quiz.

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