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Planning Your Snowmobiling Trip

Planning is a large part of having a successful snowmobile trip.

Prior to riding, you should plan where you will ride, how long you will ride, and with whom you will ride. Planning also includes informing someone of your trip plans. It is strongly recommended that you never snowmobile alone — always ride with a buddy.

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Planning Your Snowmobiling Trip

Properly plan for your snowmobiling trip

Where you will ride: Before you start riding, decide the routes and trails you will be riding. Create a plan using detailed maps for the planned riding area.

How long you will ride: When choosing a trail with the maps, always consider how long you want to ride. Determine the time period by the maps and, if possible, an experienced rider's judgment. Take into account passengers or other riders, gasoline/supplies, and added time for stopping and enjoying sights along the trail.

Who you will ride with: When riding snowmobiles, always ride in a group or use the buddy system, preferably a buddy who will stay with you throughout your journey and not leave you behind. If you are new, ride with someone who is experienced, patient, and willing to help you learn the proper way to snowmobile. If you are riding in a group, choose a group of riders with equal or better riding experience, or a group of riders who will be considerate of your abilities.

Notify someone of your plans: Before you begin your trip, make sure someone reliable knows where you plan to go, whom you are going with, when you are leaving, and when you will return. If the trip involves an overnight stay, include information on where you will be staying and contact numbers. This is most important since time becomes critical in the event of an accident or an emergency.