1. When starting your snowmobile:

  2. Why is it important to learn more riding positions than only ‘sitting’ on the snowmobile seat?

  3. A right turn is signaled by:

  4. Which signs do snowmobile operators have to obey?

  5. When riding in a group on trails:

  6. When riding with passengers:

  7. When riding alone:

  8. If you get your snowmobile stuck, you should:

  9. When riding at night it is important to:

  10. What can be safely towed with a snowmobile?

  11. Winter weather can produce a wide range of unpredictable snow conditions:

  12. All snowmobile riders must:

  13. If you meet a trail groomer on the trail:

  14. Snowmobiling on a freshly groomed trail before it has had time to set up and refreeze: